The showroom highlights Tripla’s ability in producing furniture and furnishing accessories, with a refined manufacturing capacity, which has been made possible thanks to an old carpentry tradition and continuous technology updating.
The exhibition space is divided into an outdoor urban path and an interior residential setting.
In the first part, blocks of flats, buses, parks, telephone boxes, porches are the setting for multifunctional urban furnishings.

• The street lamp is designed to illuminate the sidewalk and the roadway; a special reflector allows you to direct the light to the width of the street. Particular attention is given to energy saving and light pollution.
• The bus shelter is arranged to receive benches, litter bins, ashtrays, advertising and information displays on routes, trails and local activities, refill and internet keys. The shelter can be made of glass or metal for solar panels or decorated with planters. The canopy can also become a cycle stand for bike rental, a ski rack, a medicine or a drink vending machine, and other items such as trail signs useful for educational and recreational open-air activities.
• The bench combines stainsteel steel and wood and is conceived for easy maintenance. Pvc, corian, steel, aluminum slats can have glass or plexiglass finishing, so that inserting optical fibers for glittering paths is possible upon request.
• The parapet railing for cycle tracks and roads can also be used as a fencing for sensitive sites (banks, post-offices, public offices, etc); It is made of stainless steel and/or corten steel or painted iron and includes special slots where, at any time, benches, litter bins, cycle racks, planters, water dispensers can be located. The handrail is equipped with led lighting.
• The tree grille is made of corten steel. Slots can also be used to put edges for flower beds.
• The outdoor shelter is adaptable to outdoor residential spaces or infrastructures. It is constructed with mullions and transoms in stainless steel with a mirror-like finish. The brise-soleil can also be transformed into a water sprout or a waterfall.

In the second part, the interior residential setting includes:

• A fireplace in the back wall, with a bookshelf frame decoration and a boiserie, everything made of laser polished brass plating; a brass bench with fabric upholstered seat; the wall has paintings of the XV and XVI centuries (Botticelli- Dell’Abate) and Venitian plaster finishing touches.
• The vaulted ceiling covered with mirror steel framework is complemented with crystal slabs treated with films that represent frescoes of the XVI century (Michelangelo’s Pietà); this interior space can be decorated with multiple materials according to its use, be it a dining room, a conference room, music hall. Every time priority will be given to emotions that the visual impact will be able to transpose.
• The stairs may have several types of finishes: steel, marble, wood, glass and the same materials used on the boiserie. The upper part of the wall can be done with different coatings: Venetian plaster, Venetian brocade fabric, shiny brass plating, thus showing the ability to adjust to any aesthetic requests of the customer.
• The tables can be constructed in different styles and ways according to their use and manufactured with a variety of materials (wood, marble, glass, steel, leather, etc.), showing their construction versatility.
• The bench in the center can easily be turned into a lobby waiting area for hotels, airports or residential spaces; the sphere can have steel, leather or wood finishes and can be fitted with magazine or lighting compartments. It can also become a large fountain with water coming out from the illuminated sphere. Furthermore, the round bench can become a gazebo for resting areas in parks.
• The spherical lamps with directed accent lighting enriched with swarovski crystals underline the emotional aspect. These crystals can be replaced with fiber optics