Metal Processing

  • Manufacturing of metal structures and parts of structures
  • Manufacturing of interior equipment, interior furnishing, urban furnishing, street furniture, office furniture, outdoor furniture for public spaces
  • Manufacturing of steel boilers with pellet burners and biomass
  • Manufacturing of industrial containers, silos
  • Metal finishing and coating

Tripla can process different types of metals such as:

  • ferrous steel and ferrous base steel (steel tools and moulds, construction steel, cementation steel, special steels and steel springs);
  • hard steels and hard alloys, non ferrous metals and alloys such as aluminium, aluminium and magnesium, copper and copper alloys, zinc and zinc alloys, titanium and titanium alloys, tin and tin alloys, brass and brass alloys.


Using the most advanced technologies of cold processing systems (laser cutting, plasma cutting, punching, bending, calendaring, TIG, MIG, MAG, SAW, SMAW, OFW, point weldings) we are able to produce highly precise components and mechanisms.

In addition, based on our customer’s needs, we handle a wide range of finishings and coatings such as silver plating, bronze plating, chrome plating (polished or brushed) aluminium chromate plating, gold plating, nickel plating, (gloss or satin), brass plating, copper plating, powder coating and liquid paint, zinc coating.

We are accredited to UNI ISO and have a TUV certification for stoves and boilers. All documents are available at our office.