Tripla is a young and dynamic business. It is the commercial division of Mimec Italia which has been established in the metal carpentry sector since 1979 and is specialized in the production of high quality indoor and outdoor furnishings and shopfitting.


Top metal- tailoring, traditional craftsmanship and never- ending training of its workers  through technological evolution, make Tripla a producer of elite metal objects exclusively tailored for you. We design and produce objects to live, entertain, surprise, excite and create a comfortable and harmonious environment.

Metalworking does not mean only creating handmade objects but above all mastering the finishing methods to give birth to long lasting objects.

Tripla started as a very small factory and after 30 years its site has become a surface of 5.500 square metres. Most of its energy needs are satisfied by 180 kwp photovoltaic systems put on the roof of our factories. Our teamwork counts over 70 members and most of them are classified as specialists.



We want to help our customers make their dreams come true creating high-quality products respecting  their cultural values, and spreading “Made in Tripla” throughout the world.


We work to improve our products’ quality taking care of aesthetic and functional aspects in full respect of our values.