About Us

Tripla is the metal tailoring factory par excellence! A privileged space where wishes, ideas and visions of the most talented contemporary architects, artists and designers come to light.


Free from boundaries, creating unique and unrepeatable masterpieces from the smallest part of an object to the front of a building,  from a design object to a complex architectural structure, from interior furnishing to a real chef-d’oeuvre are our must.

Tripla’s identity distinguishes itself in the research of finding solutions to challenging and highly complex tasks.

Founded in the heart of the Italian North- East, it is run by Ido Rizzato assisted by Chiara and Mauro.

The company is active in most sectors, boasts an eclectic character for technical details and ability in catching the distinctive expressivity of our times. Its enthusiasm for challenge led it to collaborate with some of the biggest brands in Italy and abroad.

Ethics, arts, excellence, design, enterprise, architecture; thirty years spent in research, innovation, professionalism, and craftsmanship tradition, devoted to the cult of beauty and to technical challenges. An outstanding ability to make your most enchanting dreams come true.

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