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(Italiano) Fiera campionaria di Padova

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Planisfero in acciaio satinato

(Italiano) Riparte il Progetto Tripla

È con immenso piacere che vi comunichiamo che da oggi riparte il Progetto Tripla portato avanti da tre giovani ragazzi con uno sguardo rivolto al ...



Furniture & Furnishing TRIPLA manufactures made-to-order furniture and furnishing for shops, offices, parks, squares and commercial areas ...

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Park & outdoor furniture TRIPLA conceives street furniture as the extension of interior decoration, where every single item is conceived and ...



Here is a new space for a new dimension where our customers’ ideas and dreams come to life. The show-room bears witness to Tripla’s special ...

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All TRIPLA’s customers feel taken care of since we  plan, design, manufacture and monitor complex projects. We work side by side with ...